--- Bloomberg's Emily Chang discusses Richard Branson's ambitions in space with Virgin Galactic. She speaks with Erik Schatzker on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." 

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  • A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket lifts off.

The future of spaceflight will be powered by ion engines and warp drives, right? Not just yet. There is still some uncharted territory in the world of liquid-fueled rockets, which have been powering spacecraft since the 50s, and SpaceX is testing the waters with its new Raptor engine. It could be the engine that, if Elon Musk gets his wish, propels the first colonists to Mars.

Right now the Raptor looks like it will be developed to deliver 1 million pounds of thrust at launch, which is certainly a step up from SpaceX’s existing engines—...

They cover David Bowie songs. They snap selfies. And on Friday, astronauts on the International Space Station will take over the National Geographic Channel for “Live From Space,” a live two-hour broadcast hosted here on Earth by Soledad O’Brien. The program will take viewers – who can interact with the astronauts during the show via Twitter – inside the ISS as it orbits the Earth one and one-third times while two of its residents, Rick Mastracchio of the U.S. and Koichi Wakata of Japan, show off some of the work being done in their laboratory 250 miles above the planet.
  • Astronaut Tim Peake
You're being called "the first Brit in space". That's quite a thing to have on your business card.
Yes, I'll board the International Space Station in November 2015. Helen Sharman was the first Brit in space back in '91, but they're calling me the first official Brit in space because I'm the first UK government astronaut, if you like. Helen's was a kind of private, commercial-sponsored flight. But yeah, it's a big deal!
Is the space station full of 90s tech?
Sort of. It's very weird [...
  • Microgravity Training
All participants will experience and be trained to adapt and operate in microgravity environments. The equipment offsets the participants’ weight, allowing...
  • Spacewalking Astronaut

CAPE CANAVERAL, FLA. – Two space station astronauts popped in a new pump during a rare Christmas Eve spacewalk Tuesday, eager to wrap up urgent repairs to a cooling system.

It was the second spacewalk in four days for U.S. astronauts Rick Mastracchio and...

  • Spacewalking Astronaut

Two NASA spacewalkers started fixing the International Space Station’s cooling system more quickly than expected on Saturday, with no sign of the helmet-flooding problem that led NASA to outfit astronauts with snorkels for the first time.

Astronauts Rick...

Retired astronaut Mark Kelly, who commanded the second-last space shuttle mission — and spent months at the side of his wife, Gabrielle Giffords, while the congresswoman recovered from a near-fatal shooting in 2011 — has joined a venture to send tourists 100,000 feet up to get their own space-style view of Earth.

  • Zero Gravity training

The minds behind the movie “Ender’s Game” had a little help bringing their version of the beloved science-fiction book by Orson Scott Card to life.

“Ender’s Game” focuses on the life of the gifted child, Ender Wiggin, a boy recruited to leave Earth and head...


NASA has selected eight new candidates — four men and four women — to join the ranks of its astronaut corps. for missions to the International Space Station and beyond.

Picked from the second-highest number of applicants in any previous rounds of astronaut selections, the space agency said more than 6,000 people applied for this 21st astronaut class .

NASA has selected and trained 330 astronauts since the initial astronaut class of 1959. Most recently in 2009, NASA selected...



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