TEACHERS IN SPACE - Training Future Commercial Astronauts Around The Globe

Dr. Kelly Soich, Director of Programs in a microgravity flight
Since the first manned flight to space, our dreams of traveling to space have become reality. Space entrepreneurs using new
ideas and technologies in pursuit of personal spaceflight and global transportation have led to companies like Virgin Galactic, Blue
Origin, XCOR, Sierra Nevada and SpaceX taking charge of the next space adventure. The new space adventure promises to fulfill
the dream that anyone can now venture into space, experience weightlessness and ultimately become an astronaut.
To address a growing need for training, I created Waypoint 2 Space assembling a team comprised of the same individuals who de-
veloped training programs for NASA Astronauts and Air Force pilots. We are using the best techniques and technologies from those
programs for the training programs offered by Waypoint 2 Space. The fully comprehensive training programs offered by Waypoint
2 Space are one of a kind and setting the standards for the commercial spaceflight industry. In addition, Waypoint 2 Space was re-
cently granted an FAA Safety Approval, which is a testament to the company’s commitment to the highest standards of training.
It’s not just about training these people for the ride, it’s about preparing their minds and bodies for where they are going...
space.  Flights to space can really mess with your mind and body and some people experience sensory overload. I’ll give you an example,
I went on an extreme roller coaster ride a couple of years ago and waited in line for over 2 hours to ride. When I finally went
for my 3minute ride it was so intense with the flips, spinning, loops, etc. that to this day I don’t even remember it. With that in mind we have
designed training programs that hit your mind and body with everything we can here on earth so that if you do decide to fly into
space you are prepared and can get the maximum enjoyment out of your trip.
Waypoint 2 Space offers three space training programs starting with Level 1 – Spaceflight Fundamentals: An Introduction to Astro-
naut Training which is a week long, fully immersive training program giving each participant hands-on experience with every aspect
of traditional astronaut training. Participants experience micro gravity and simulated spacewalks in a fitted pressure suit, test their
bodies against G-forces during acrobatic flights, and even perform spacecraft operations to include docking maneuvers and extra-
planetary exploration. This program is for anyone interested in spaceflight or training like an astronaut–ultimately, the first step in
a great space adventure. Waypoint 2 Space also offers Level 2 – Sub-Orbital and Level 3 – Orbital training programs for those want-ing
to fly into space.
Waypoint 2 Space is committed to developing the next generation of space explorers and is thrilled to collaborate with Teachers in
Space on lesson plans and experiences sharing the excitement of space with their students. “One of the company’s goals is to get
students excited and dream about the possibility of living and working in space so they may pursue science, engineering and technology
disciplines making their dream a reality - and working with Teacher’s in Space is a fantastic opportunity to do just that.”
Commented Heath. As part of the company’s outreach program, Waypoint 2 Space will work with Teachers in Space to not only set
up a discounted rate program but to also lobby industry and Congress for more Grant programs to fund such training. Interested
teachers are invited to contact Teachers in Space for details. Waypoint 2 Space is very excited to be a partner with Teachers
in Space and looks forward to a very bright future!
By Kevin Heath
CEO of Waypoint 2 Space
For more information on Waypoint 2 Space please contact Kevin Heath at Kevin.Heath@waypoint2space.com
See the full newsletter on the Teachers in Space website HERE.
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