January 2014

Do you want to fly on a suborbital space plane? What about a rocket launch all they way into orbit? A new commercial spaceflight training company wants to help you develop the right stuff for flying to space.

Waypoint 2 Space — a Houston-based company aimed at helping commercial astronauts train for spaceflight — just received Federal Aviation Administration safety approval for their plan to train would-be astronauts. Officials with the company hope to start training commercial spaceflyers for private trips to space in spring of this year. People holding tickets aboard a private...

WASHINGTON — Waypoint 2 Space — a Houston startup aimed at helping commercial astronauts train for spaceflight — has received U.S. Federal Aviation Administration safety approval for its plan to train would-be astronauts. 

  • Waypoint2Space Zero Gravity Simulation Spaceflight Fundamentals
  • Waypoint 2 Space Trains Passengers For Commercial Launches

Slowly but surely, the day is approaching when you’ll be able to buy a ticket to travel into space. Several companies, ranging from Virgin Galactic to SpaceX, are hoping to provide that opportunity. (Assuming you can afford a ticket that costs at least $250,000 anyway.)


Waypoint 2 Space Earns FAA Safety Approval to Provide

Spaceflight Training Programs



Q: What is Waypoint 2 Space?

A: Waypoint 2 Space is a Nevada Corporation headquartered in Houston, Texas leading the evolution of commercial spaceflight training. Waypoint 2 Space is the only FAA Safety approved company in the world that will be...

  • Dream Chaser
  • SNC Announces First Orbital Flight of Dream Chaser® Company Outlines Plans for its Flight Operations

Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) announces that it has confirmed that the first orbital flight of its Dream Chaser® Space System will occur on November 1, 2016. Dream Chaser will be brought to orbit on a United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V rocket that is being built in Decatur, Alabama and will launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

  • Launch Pad
  • NASA to Launch Next-Generation Relay Satellite Today: Watch It Live

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — A fresh satellite for NASA’s communications network is set for launch from Florida’s Space Coast on Thursday (Jan. 23) to bolster voice and data links between mission control, the International Space Station and a fleet of orbiting research observatories.

  • Newton Engine
  • Hello, Newton: Virgin Galactic unveils its 'other' rocket engine

MOJAVE, Calif. — Even as Virgin Galactic is testing the hybrid rocket motor that powers its SpaceShipTwo suborbital space plane, it’s developing a different rocket engine for orbital flights. Now the company is taking the wraps off that kerosene-fueled powerhouse, known as the Newton.

  • Mission Control
  • Sleeping Rosetta spacecraft wakes up for historic comet rendezvous and landing

A European probe awoke from a deep sleep Monday to gear up for an unprecedented comet rendezvous and landing this year that will cap a 10-year voyage across the solar system.

After two and a half years in hibernation, the European Space Agency’s Rosetta...

  • Space Fishing: Japan to test 'magnetic net' for space junk

Japan’s space agency is subcontracting a fishing net company to develop a technology to clean up the space junk that poses a direct threat to Earth’s communication networks. The mission is planned for 2019, with first tests scheduled for this February.




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