• SpaceX Releases Falcon 9 First Stage Reentry Footage from Chase Plane
  • SpaceX Releases Falcon 9 First Stage Reentry Footage from Chase Plane

SpaceX has released a video from the July 14th launch of a Falcon 9 rocket carrying six ORBCOM satellites showing the first stage reentry from a chase plane.

According to SpaceX the rocket's first stage reentered Earth's atmosphere and soft landed in the Atlantic Ocean.

Towards the end of the video, the camera operator attempted to zoom in and unfortunately lost sight of the stage and was unable to capture the tip over into the water.

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  • What If Giant Space-Based Solar Panels Could Beam Unlimited Power To The Earth?

 Sea levels are rising, glaciers are melting, and extreme weather is becoming the norm. The negative effects of man-made climate change are here to stay — and they're getting worse.

One of the major culprits is atmospheric carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels like oil and coal. Luckily for the Earth, the world's supply of fossil fuels is limited. And for the past several decades, researchers have been looking for renewable energy resources to provide power to everyone without poisoning the Earth.

Some scientists think humans could be getting clean power collected...

  • An artist's concept of the Apollo 15 Hadley-Apennine landing area showing the two moon-exploring crewmen, Scott and Irwin, driving on the lunar rover. NASA/Teledyne Ryan
  • Fly Me to the Moon (for $150 Million)

Two people with money to burn have put down deposits for the ultimate getaway -- a trip around the moon, the president of the space tourism firm that booked the trips said this week.
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Biggest Space Tourist Fears    
Kasey-Dee Gardner sits down with one of Virgin Galactic's maiden space travelers and finds out his three biggest fears about this sub-orbital spaceflight.
Patrick Riviere/Getty Images

Tickets to ride cost $150 million apiece which, in comparison to NASA’s multibillion-dollar Apollo moon program and the cost of flying in space in general, “is...

  • In this demonstration, it takes a Gmail CAPTCHA and drops it into its algorithm...
  • Here's What We Know About The Secretive, Elon Musk-Backed Firm Creating Functional Artificial Intelligence

Silicon Valley enjoys something of a monopoly these days on making the most noise in the U.S. economy.

But there's been surprisingly little fanfare surrounding the latest project that seemingly all the most successful Valleyites have been pouring into: an artificial intelligence company called Vicarious.

Founded in 2010, Vicarious' list of investors is dazzling: Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Ashton Kutcher, and Dustin Moskowitz count among the household names. PayPal cofounder Peter Thiel, along with folks from startup funders Y Combinator and cloud storage group...

  • The Orbcomm mission marked the second time SpaceX has guided the Falcon 9’s first-stage booster to a near-zero velocity splashdown with landing legs deployed. Credit: SpaceX video screen grab
  • SpaceX Releases Footage of Falcon 9 First-stage Splashdown

WASHINGTON — Space Exploration Technologies Corp. released an 80-second video July 22 showing the Falcon 9 rocket’s first stage making a “soft landing” in the Atlantic Ocean following the July 14 launch of six Orbcomm satellites into low Earth orbit.

With a pair of geostationary-orbit-bound launches next up on the manifest — both for Hong Kong-based satellite telecommunications fleet operator AsiaSat — SpaceX said it will take a short break from additional booster recovery testing until a planned mid-September launch of a cargo-laden Dragon capsule to the international space station...

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  • Space tourism needs an ‘orbital Megabus’ to truly lift off

Britain has joined the race to become a leading hub of commercial space flight, announcing eight potential sites for a potential “spaceport” within the UK.

There are numerous questions surrounding this nascent form of tourism. Many focus on the technology in place to deliver it, the legislation that is necessary to safeguard it and, most recently, the pragmatic questions of where spaceports should be placed. But, often overlooked is the issue of exactly what the industry will look like and who it will target, which isn’t as clear cut as you might assume. The plan is to start space-...

  • An Antares rocket, built by Orbital Sciences Corp., sits on the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport’s Launch …
  • Private US Cargo Ship Launching to Space Station Today: Watch It Live

WALLOPS ISLAND, Va. — After a series of delays, a robotic spacecraft built by the private company Orbital Sciences is counting down to launch today (July 13) on a mission to deliver experiments and supplies to the astronauts living aboard International Space Station.

You can watch the launch live on, courtesy of NASA TV. The webcast will begin at 12 p.m. EDT (1600 GMT), and liftoff from the Eastern Shore of Virginia is set for 12:52 p.m. EDT (16:52 GMT). Weather permitting, the huge rocket may be visible over parts of the U.S. East Coast as it streaks out over the Atlantic...

  • The New Space Race, and Why Nothing Else Matters

Forty-five years ago this July 20th, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first human beings to set foot on the moon.  Their mission represented an emphatic American victory in the first space race, which began in earnest in 1957 when the Soviet Union launched a notably unattractive satellite, Sputnik, into orbit.

Since then, however, America’s national space program has essentially foundered.  It improved space travel by building and then scrapping the Space Shuttle, without ever accomplishing – or attempting – a mission as bold or impactful as the one in 1969.  It’s time for...

  • Time Capsule to Mars Mission Director Emily Briere, a Duke University rising senior, explains her $25 million Mars mission concept June 23 at the National Press Club in Washington. Credit: Brian Berger/SpaceNews
  • Crowdfunding Key for $25 Million Student-led Mars Mission

WASHINGTON — A project to send the first student-built small spacecraft to Mars plans to raise the bulk of its $25 million budget through crowdfunding, an effort that would make the mission among the largest such efforts in history.

Time Capsule to Mars, a student-led project supported by the advocacy group Explore Mars and several aerospace companies, plans to launch in the next five years a cubesat-class spacecraft to Mars carrying photos and other digital media. The spacecraft would burn up in the martian atmosphere except for a section carrying the media that is designed to...

  • 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Video Shows Imperial Forces Gathering At Frankfurt Airport In Germany

The set of the forthcoming Star Wars: Episode VII may be in a state of constant lockdown and secrecy, but that won't stop even the best of the movie set spies and inside agents from getting in for a look.

While J.J. Abrams and the cast of the sequel are hard at work filming, one spy did happen to infiltrate the Imperial base in Frankfurt, Germany.

A new video posted online shows that the Empire is alive and well and gathering their forces at the Imperial Starport (aka Frankfurt Airport).

Watch as an imperial shuttle is spotted coming in for a landing, flanked by two...



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